CO2 Extraction Efficiency Video Series

Extraction Efficiency Series

Emerald Scientific is proud to present this webinar series on optimizing cannabinoid and terpene extraction and enrichment using sub- and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction using analytical methodology.

This series features a live demonstration of cannabis extraction using a commercial CO2 extraction system and narrative highlighting the basic principles of the extraction, factors that must be optimized with the aid of analytical instrumentation and testing, as well as pre- and post-extraction treatment of cannabis and extract.

Hosted by Drs. Jerry King and John MacKay, who have more than a combined 80 years of experience in the field, the series will physically demonstrate the role of cannabis matrix preparation prior to initiating extraction, the extraction of cannabis flower using a commercial extraction unit, and in particular, then use of analytical methodology crucial to optimizing the extraction and enrichment of the active-cannabis constituents.

Extraction Efficiency Series: Objective Setting Part One

This groundbreaking webinar takes a deep dive into CO2 extraction of cannabinoids with the primary goal of helping extraction labs and artisans learn how to control the many variables in the process, and improve the desired results, whether that be to isolate individual compounds, increase overall extraction efficiency or maximize throughput. We have the renowned Drs. Jerry King and John MacKay sharing insights gained from over 80 years combined in extraction science and we will feature the best tools and resources available throughout the series to help you elevate your operation to its fullest potential! Streaming Video. 50:22

Extraction Efficiency Series: Objective Setting Part Two

Dr. King and Dr. MacKay continue to discuss sub vs. super critical fluid states as well as compound solubility as it relates to the planning of the extraction process.  The discussion includes phase diagrams, separation, fractionation discussions and workflow planning.  This segment will help you much better understand how CO2 works as a solvent and how to “tune” it to accomplish selective isolation.  Streaming Video. 46:50

Extraction Efficiency Series: Material Preparation Part One

Dr. MacKay and Barry Schumbmehl demonstrate The Fritsch Mill and discuss the importance of pre-processing issues such as particle size consistency and moisture content.  Streaming Video. 12:44

Extraction Efficiency Series: Material Preparation Part Two

After the demonstration of the Fritsch Mill, Dr. King and Dr. MacKay discuss in further detail the structure of the cannabis plant and how pre-processing can have important impacts on your extraction.  Feedstock discussion include, drying, sizing, aging and hand vs. machine trimming. Streaming Video. 16:43

Extraction Efficiency Series: Equipment Considerations

Dr. John MacKay and Dr. Jerry King discuss equipment considerations including topics such as entrainers, co-solvents, CO2 recycling, and problem-solving for channeling. They also discuss the advantages today’s CO2 extraction methods offer over historic extraction methods from the past 20 years such as the full-melt dry sift, ice wax, and bubble hash methods. Streaming Video. 17:48

Extraction Efficiency Series: Extraction Demonstration

Dr. Jerry King and Dr. John MacKay demonstrate a full CO2 extraction. Watch them perform laboratory best practices as they weigh the cannabis, pack the extraction vessel, apply CO2 at pressure across multiple separator vessels, and then draw off the final extract. Streaming Video. 21:15

Extraction Efficiency Series: Analysis Part One

This in-depth discussion with Dr. Jerry King and Dr. John MacKay of CO2 extraction kinetics includes applying solubility through density, reporting from collection vessel content analysis, recommendations for profiling, labeling, and analytics of materials by supercritical fluid and liquid chromatography, discussion of HPLC analysis and headspace GC/MS analysis for terpenes, comprehensive cannabinoid separation on workhorse HPLC columns for potency analysis, synthetic terpenes, pesticide testing, and much more. Streaming Video. 50:23

Extraction Efficiency Series: Analysis Part Two

In this webinar, Dr. John MacKay utilizes a LightLab cannabis analyzer by Orange Photonics to show how to optimize cannabis extraction. The LightLab applies liquid chromatography and spectroscopy analytical techniques to bring accurate cannabis potency analysis into fields and processing centers. Dr. MacKay demonstrates how to take multiple samples from a CO2 extraction vessel and then analyze them for THCA, ∆9THC, CBD, CBDA, CBN, and CBGA. Streaming Video. 45:56

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Extraction Efficiency Series: Analysis Part Three

In this video, Dr. John MacKay and Dr. Jerry King describe the optimum analytical methodology to accurately analyze your cannabis extract. They discuss how to calculate %THC, the mass balancing, density, and other critical measurements. Several charts illustrate how to analyze the starting material, the exhaust/raffinate material, and the extracts from multiple collection vessels. Changing parameters such as temperature and pressure allows you to achieve better results in your final product. 10:37

Post Extraction Procession

Extraction Efficiency Series: Post Extraction Processing

In the final webinar of the Extraction Efficiency series, Dr. Jerry King gives us an inside look at several exciting post-extraction purification technologies. In addition to CO2 extraction, he provides examples of winterized & dewaxed concentration, short-path distillation, fractional distillation, thin film/wiped distillation, and terpene/cannabinoid isolation. He shows an example of a large-scale simulated moving bed supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) system for cannabinoid purification. Finally, Dr. King summarizes the wide variety of cannabis products and the appropriate level of purification necessary in the cannabis extracts for those products. 40 min.

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